All of our classes and levels are designed for both the serious and recreational student. We realize that not everyone who dances wants to be a professional, but we believe that anyone can benefit from proper dance training. If your dancer at any time feels that they would like to be challenged more, please feel free to talk to the director and she can advise you on the best selection of classes.

Mommy or Daddy and Me, and Discovery

Both of these classes are based on social discipline, motor skills, musicality, and building the self-esteems of happy, healthy children. Creative expression and exploring the imagination are key to creating a love of dance that will last a lifetime. Mommy or Daddy and Me is with the student and a Guardian. This is so the student feels comfortable and confident having the parent to help them execute different movements.


Classical Ballet is a style of dance strongly rooted in tradition and discipline. Barre exercises are used to develop flexibility, coordination and strength, while center work further develops balance, agility and the beauty of the art. Ballet is strongly recommended and encouraged for dancers of all ages and levels because it is the root of all forms of dance. The technique and vocabulary learned in Ballet is the language used for all dance forms.

Jazz/Hip Hop

Jazz is a style of dance that finds its roots in ballet, but was enhanced by musical trends, social dances, and dance through movies and musicals. Classes use isolations and flexibility exercises to further develop strength in trained dancers that lead to the energetic combinations of kicks, turns and leaps. Combinations and Choreography help with musicality, muscle memory coordination and execution of steps and rhythms. Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Commercial Jazz and Hip Hop, styles of jazz dance that are covered and studied periodically throughout a dancers training.


Tap is a style of dance that develops musicality and coordination. Precise footwork and rhythm variations are explored with all music types. This form of dance also focuses on the sound, coordination and agility needed to learn basic exercises, classic time steps and current styles of tap dance.


Modern dance technique is designed to develop the mind, body and spirit to be an expressive communicator through movement. Structured technical exercises that condition the body for strength, coordination and flexibility are developed. Physical activities which focus on the aspects of space, time, shape and movement dynamics are explored through individual work as well as group participation.

Program Placement

Every student will be placed in a class level where they will feel challenged but not discouraged. Class placement is dependent upon technical level, not by age. Attitude Dance Academy refers to levels with an age guideline, placement and advancement is at the discretion of the director.

Special Programs

Competition Prep

This group of dancers often performs at local community events including nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities. Performance Troupe is a commitment that consists of rehearsals, performances and fund raising events.

Teen and Adult Classes

These classes are offered as a recreational level for teenagers and adults looking for a fun and exciting class for exercise. These classes are designed to stretch, strengthen and develop dance techniques for beginner through advanced recreational dancers.

Private Lessons

Any student can request Private Lessons. Private Lessons can be for personal instruction to help students progress with technique.

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